Desktop or HPC cluster?
You're in good hands.

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Faith has no place in computing.
Confidence does.

Adélie Linux respects your time and investments. That's why we're based on a rock-solid runtime library and focused on bringing an efficient operating system to your hardware, whether it's from 1995 or 2025.

Our developers are within immediate reach to help tackle your biggest challenges, from kernel to browser, or motherboard to microcode.

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Desktop is a first-class citizen, and we're out to prove that you don't need to compromise.
There's no need to be a command-line jockey.

We don't provide half-baked desktop software, and our daemons don't need to be fought.


We work side-by-side with kernel engineers, the musl libc project, and adjacent communities to create an environment that conforms to global operating system standards such as POSIX®.


We support your hardware, not just containers.

All of our software has been carefully tested on all of our supported platforms to ensure that you always enjoy the best possible experience.

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Independent by design.

Adélie is an independent Linux distribution committed to integrity, privacy, and user freedom. Your donation might be tax-deductible.