Project Horizon: Requirements

A. Wilcox

Adélie Linux

Tambra Wilcox

Adélie Linux

Elizabeth Myers

The Interlinked Foundation

Jeremy Rand


Lee Starnes

Max Rees

Samuel Holland

Mira Ressel

Alyx Wolcott

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This document describes the functional and non-functional software requirements for Project Horizon, the installation system for Adélie Linux.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction
Intended Audience
Project Scope
2. Overall Description
Project Perspective
Project Components
User Classes and Characteristics
Operating Environment
Implementation Constraints
Project Dependencies
3. Functional System Requirements
Horizon UI
System Initialisation
Global UI Requirements
User Language Selection
Initial Introduction
Input Device Configuration
Disk Partitioning Setup
Firmware Setup
Networking Setup
System Metadata Setup
Package and Package Set Selection
Boot Setup
System Accounts Setup
Save HorizonScript
Begin Installation
Perform Installation
Installation Completion
Horizon Runner
Locate HorizonScript
Validate HorizonScript
Execute HorizonScript
4. External Interface Requirements
User Interfaces
Hardware Interfaces
External Software Interfaces
External Communication Interfaces
Runner Listening Agent Interface
5. Non-functional Requirements
Performance Requirements
Safety Requirements
Security Requirements
Software Quality Attributes
6. Other Requirements
User Documentation
Logging Requirements
Internationalisation Requirements

List of Tables

2.1. User classes for release 1.0 of Project Horizon
3.1. Network information to collect from User for manual configuration
3.2. Custom packages offered on the Package Selection screen