Project Horizon: Vision

A. Wilcox

Adélie Linux

Tambra Wilcox

Adélie Linux

Elizabeth Myers

The Interlinked Foundation

Lee Starnes

Max Rees

Samuel Holland

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This document describes the overall project vision for Project Horizon, the installation system for Adélie Linux.

Table of Contents

1. Organisational Requirements
Existing Systems
Where Our Solution Fits
Objectives and Success Criteria
User Classes and Needs
Charlie: The Beginner
Dakota: The Enthusiast
Jamie: The Administrator
River: The Developer
2. Project Vision
Vision Statement
System Features
Assumptions Made
External Dependencies
3. Scope and Limitations
Scope of Version 1.0
Scope of Future Versions
Purposeful Exclusions
4. Project Context
Project Priorities
Operating Environment

List of Tables

4.1. Minimum operating environment for Horizon Runner
4.2. Minimum operating environment for Horizon UI