Refined. Reliable. Ready.

Adélie Linux is a Free, Libre operating system based on the Linux kernel. Our goals of full POSIX® compliance, compatibility with a wide variety of computers, and ease of use without sacrificing features set us apart from most other Linux distributions.

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We are a small, independent Linux distribution that is focused on delivering a high quality operating environment. We have many defining focuses that set us apart from most mainstream Linux distributions:

Minimal Hardware Requirements

We believe that all people, in all walks of life, at any economic level, deserve the very best that their technology can offer them. We combine the power of the musl libc, kernel tweaking, and our decades of programming experience to create an environment where the latest KDE Plasma 5 works in just 256 MB RAM or less.

Truly Libre Software

We only package software that meets our strict Libre Software guidelines. All of our packages are open source and Free Software, and can be freely audited, modified, or remixed at any time.

Working Towards Standard Compliance

We are working side-by-side with kernel engineers and the musl libc project to bring up an environment that conforms to global operating system standards.