Chapter 6. Other Requirements

Table of Contents

User Documentation
Logging Requirements
Internationalisation Requirements

This chapter describes requirements that apply to the system but do not fit cleanly in other chapters.

UserDoc.JargonFree.  The system documentation must contain minimal uses of technical jargon. The system documentation must define technical jargon where it is first used. "Jargon" is defined as a word that is technical in nature and is not listed in a Webster's or Oxford English dictionary.

UserDoc.ContextAware.  The system must allow the user to read documentation relevant to the phase of installation that is currently on-screen.

Logging.Levels.  The system shall have four levels of logging: Error, Warning, Information, Debug.

Logging.Levels.Tiers.  The system shall treat each level of logging as containing the prior level: for example, a level of Warning will additionally contain all Error output.

Logging.Levels.Default.  The system shall default to a logging level of Information unless a different logging level is chosen during invocation.

Logging.ExtProcess.  The system shall log all processes executed, including binary path, arguments, and environment, in the Debug logging level.

Logging.ExtProcess.ReturnCode.  The system shall log all external process return codes, including name of binary and brief description of purpose of execution, in the Information log level.

Logging.ExtProcess.ReturnCode.Error.  If the return code of an external process is non-zero, the system shall log the external process return code message in the Error log level.

Logging.UIKeys.  The Horizon UI system shall log the values it uses for each key as it gathers information in the Debug logging level.

I18n.Meow.  The Horizon UI system shall be implemented in English and at least one fake language for the purposes of ensuring that all strings are translatable.