Privacy Policy

We do not collect or use any of your data for any reason, except in the following scenarios.

When you access our website or web services, your IP address, page(s) requested, and browser's agent string may be stored temporarily. This information is cleared periodically, and is held for no more than six months. If you do not consent to this, please close your browser immediately.

If you opt-in to use a third-party distribution mirror ( similar data may be made available to that third-party. If you do not consent to this, use an official mirror only.

If you register an account with our GitLab platform ( your IP address, email address, and other user-supplied information may be stored for the purposes of facilitating access to your account. This information is stored for as long as you maintain such an account, and may be deleted upon request by writing to an administrator. Please note that if you have engaged with any part of the platform outside of your personal account, certain information cannot be deleted.

If you interact with our community via IRC ( your IP address, hostname, and other user-supplied information may be stored by any other user; this information is considered public and there is no way to hide or remove it. We do, however, take a best-effort approach to masking IP addresses but cannot make any guarantees about the usefulness of this process.

If you engage with our mailing lists ( your IP address, hostname, email address, and other related information will be stored permanently in a publicly-accessible manner.

Certain information may be hidden from public view, but we cannot make any guarantee that it is not publicly discoverable, as email client configurations differ widely and are beyond our control.

List subscribers may receive this data. By posting to the mailing list(s), you consent to this.

We do not require or collect cookies in any way other than as described above. Depending on where you live, you may be asked to consent to one or more privacy-concerning matters. While we may be legally obligated to inform you of these matters, we currently do not use this information in any way.

This page was last updated 2022-01-10 and may be updated at any time and without notice.

Independent by design.

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