Adélie is for Servers

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Your business never stops. Neither do we.

Adélie is for You

Adélie's rock-solid design gives you everything you need to run your virtual machines, NAS, databases, VPNs, and services with confidence.

A unique compatibility layer allows your business-critical software to take advantage of the Adélie platform.

Adélie is a great choice for servers big and small, loud and quiet.
Containers work great, too.

Reduce your footprint

and You

Whether you're deploying massive server farms or tinkering at home, Adélie helps you reduce your carbon footprint. Not only is our software lightweight, it's uncompromising in terms of security and reliability.

You'll need to deploy and manage fewer servers with Adélie.

Rack your servers, not your brain

and U

No one likes to spend unnecessary time in a noisy data center. Minimize that time by deploying as few servers as you need, and trust that they'll remain accessible no matter the workload, 1U or many.

As a Linux distribution, Adélie gives you all the standard development tooling you've come to rely on. Your applications run more securely, too.


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Download Adélie

Adélie is bundled with Horizon, an easy-to-use installer to get you up and running quickly.

Large-scale deployments are easily automated with the fully-specified HorizonScript language.

With a vibrant community of developers and users alike, the support you need is within immediate reach. For those in need of more support, the Adélie Team is here for you.

Independent by design.

Adélie is an independent Linux distribution committed to integrity, privacy, and user freedom. Your donation might be tax-deductible.